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MUST-SEE-HOMES  Free search of homes and land  for sale including both New homes and more experienced homes plus condo,
townhouse, villas Along with mobile home and manufactured homes on their own land The    
search area is Lake, Orange, Marion, Sumter and Volusia counties and more specifically the cities of Astatula, Eustis, Fruitland Park,
Grand Island, Howey in the Hills, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Mount Dora, Mt Plymouth, Ocklawaha, Okahumpka, Sorrento, Summerfield,
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The Real Estate Auction sites listed
on this page will provide you with
properties up for Auction and
For Sale across Florida
and the Nation.
Let us start with Should you??   

Most lower priced auction homes are fixer uppers.
They are usually those homes that
could not sell under regular conditions.
They may not be insurable with commonly available home owner insurance or will not qualify in their present state for most

How about those Super expensive Luxury Grand Estate Homes .... well that would be different wouldn't it.  
You will find those on Auction Sites because fewer people can afford to buy them. That makes them normally take longer to sell.
They need the very aggressive marketing that an auction offers. This is NOT to say that those homes don't also have issues.
You should ALWAYS visit the property in person unless it is a total steal.

If you have an excess of cash laying around and know your way around most construction projects then an auction may offer
a good value for you - they are not for everyone though.
Always check to see if property is listed in the MLS or if auction will provide interior access before bidding.

Dirty secret: They made you look
You see a house with soo much potential and listed at such a cheap price - then you find out it is an auction property and
guess what - that low price, is just the
starting bid!
Plus it is a Reserve Auction AND the Auctioneer is Bidding against you!!
YES - it is true - several auction sites bury deep into their "How the Auction works" rules that they - the host of the auction may
BID AGAINST YOU in an effort to net more for the Seller and themselves. Their thinking is sound.
Once you commit to a dollar amount a few hundred or thousand more, bid by bid, doesn't seem like all that much until it is over.
If a home doesn't bring what they are looking for -
they will run that Auction again and again.
If it is a property you really want - don't despair. Bid your price the last day of each auction. You may outlast them. Always
remember they do not want the property. They want it SOLD. They just
don't want to leave any crumbs on the table.
IMPORTANT - Keep in mind many online auctions charge fees over and beyond the bid price. Do NOT forget to keep
that number in your calculation of purchase value.
Yes there is more.  Some Homes go up for Auction while people are still living in them!! Now if you think that
after you became high bidder, paid your money and received a deed those people will disappear and not be an issue you need
to deal with......you may be mistaken.
If they are the previous owners that had been foreclosed on, you will need to file some paper work and pay the Sheriff to
remove them. If however they are tenants --- well then -- that changes things. You will need to Evict them "legally".
If they have a lease and have been paying their rent you may very well have to honor that lease.

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County Auctions: Head to the Court house steps and know that the Auction will end and high bidder wins at the
end of bidding. Are there Caveats well of course there are. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.
First if there is a mortgage on the property the lender will likely be there bidding against you. For all other auctions
you only bid against  every Investor or investor's rep within a 150 mile radius.
Will you receive a clear title? Maybe not. First thing to know is who is foreclosing on the property. Is it the First
Mortgage holder? Second or later mortgage holder? The HOA? A judgement? Are there other unpaid debts attached
to the property?
Not all debts are cleared by foreclosure. You need to do your research.
Florida Auction Homes located in the
Multiple Listing Service
The links above will take you to each of the MOST POPULAR and WELL KNOWN Auction sites for BANK
OWNED properties. They include Auction.com nka Xome.  Hubzu  which to me Hubzu is like the last stop sell site for
troubled problem homes.   HomeSteps which is for Freddie Mac foreclosed homes primarily. HomeSteps will often
times accept and even offer assistance with financing. HomeSteps will also be listed in the Realtor Multiple listing
service as bank owned rather than Auction properties, Hudson Marshall is another nationwide Auction site similar to
Realty Bid is like a cheat sheet for County Auctions. Realty Bid carries numerous types of auctions however I love
how they will show previous online posted photos etc... of homes about to hit your local county courthouse.
HomePath is similar to HomeSteps except that these homes are primarily Fannie Mae foreclosed properties.
HUD Homestore as name infers these homes have been absorbed by HUD
Before taking that Drive-by to a found
online Auction home be sure to hit the
Useful Search Tool found
here to
check out area crime stats, school
districts and more.
Search these sites--->
Find Up For AUCTION Homes For Sale
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